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Villagers are friendly mobs added by vanilla Minecraft, which spawn in naturally generated NPC villages.They are long nosed men wearing robes with their both hands held together.Additionally there are Zombie villagers which spawn in darkness,similar to regular Zombies.Normal villagers can't attack.Villagers can trade with the player,mostly using Emeralds as a currency.Tinkers' Construct adds an additional tinker villager, who has eyebrows,a moustache and he is dressed in blue. In NPC Villages, this villager lives in a house containing Tinkers construct stations with a Chest filled with Patterns and Tool Pieces.


Librarian Villager

Villagers mostly wander around their villages at day,entering and exiting houses.Sometimes,two villagers can cross paths,look at each other for few seconds then continue walking.Villagers,mostly Farmers will sometimes pick up items from the floor.Items picked up are mostly food items like carrots,wheat or potatoes.At night,villagers will enter their houses as fast as they can and stay in there for the rest of the night.Villagers are hunted by Zombies and will run away from them.

If number of villagers in the village is not sufficient,Villagers will breed.They breed only if number of Villagers is less than 35% the number of houses in the village.After breeding,a baby Villager is spawned,who later grows up to an adult villager.

Villagers have no attacks and they are completely defenseless against predator Zombies.On hard difficulty,Zombies will break doors to get to villagers,which means that villagers will be completely erradicated in few nights without the help of the player.


The player can right click to trade with villagers.A trade window opens up,which shows villager proffesion,items he buys and items he sells.Villagers can buy two types of items at once,but they can only sell one type of item in one trade.Completing a trade will open up new trades in the row.Most villagers use emeralds as a currency in their trades.

Villagers have different proffesions and their trades depend on them:

  • Farmers trade food items mostly (regular brown robe).
  • Blacksmiths trade weapons,armor and tools (black apron).
  • Librarians trade books (white robe).
  • Priests trade rotten flesh,gold,bottles of enchanting and ender pearls (purple robe).
  • Butchers trade meat and leather(white apron).

Tinkers' Construct Villager[]

The Blue Villagers only have 2 possible trades:


  • In previous versions of Hexxit, the Tinkers' Construct villager would offer Arrows and Copper Nuggets for trade for Essence Crystals.
  • Villagers can drop Chocopedia, however, it's not actually worth it!
  • Blue Villagers seems to use Pistons as a currency.
  • There exists a green robed Villager,who has no trades.He can only be spawned with cheats.His nickname is Nitwit.
  • Villagers have their own inventories,which contain items which the Villagers sell.Because of this, villagers can pick up some items.

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