Ender sword

A dropped Walker Sword

The Walker Sword is an item from the Better Dungeons mod, which the Walker Boss carries and drops upon his death.It is purple sword with black armguard.It has special blocking and teleportation abilities. It can be repaired with diamonds.


The Walker Sword does 7 points of damage (equivalent to 3.5 hearts) which makes it equal to a Diamond Sword but will last longer due to its increased durability.


The Walker Sword has two main abilities, with the first being that when you block with it you halve the damage you get hit with. The second ability is if you shift-right click you will teleport a short distance taking a small amount of the durability of the sword. This ability is able to teleport you through (and into) walls allowing you to skip traps and puzzles in dungeons and have a quick escape if you are trapped somewhere.

Trivia Edit

  • Prior to Hexxit 1.0.7 where Better Dungeons was updated, this was called "Ender Sword," where it was pretty much a different textured item almost identical to the vanilla Minecraft Diamond Sword, and has since had some stat changes.
  • Walker Sword can be used on Hexxit servers running the Factions plugin to get into enemy bases without breaking blocks.  Once inside, Chest Transporters can be used to steal enemy chests.
  • It is possible to teleport into solid blocks and get suffocation damage, or even teleport through the bedrock layer and fall out of the world using the Shift-Right-Click ability. Be careful.
  • If the Walker Sword is enchanted its teleport ability will still work, making this a truly powerful weapon.
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