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The goal of this article is to provide a comprehensive look at the damage numbers of every weapon in the game, as well as block numbers for armor.

The highest (survival) melee unarmored unenchanted damage is 9, done by the Diamond Giant Sword and the Ender Giant Sword . Some weapons like the Poison Staff can hit for a higher damage total, but the damage is spread out over a period of time(poison or fire damage).

Although the Diamond and Ender Giant Swords do the most damage(9) out of the weapons made at a Crafting Table, a Manyullyn Cleaver with max damage (using a Diamond and Block of Gold to be able to add another modifier and then adding 288 Nether Quartz) deals 21 damage (not a crit) on a mob with 0 defence, while a Sharpness V Diamond/Ender Giant Sword does about 10 to 22 damage (again, not a crit) on a mob with 0 defence. So overall, a max damage Manyullyn Cleaver is better in the long run.

NOTICE: Many creepers and skeletons were harmed in the testing of those three weapons.

The strongest melee weapon in the game is the Bane of Pigs, a frying pan from Tinker's Construct, which will one-shot any mob with approximately 21474830 damage. The Bane of Pigs is a joke weapon and is intended to be accessible only from creative mode or the NEI menu. However, due to some incompatibility with Better Dungeons mod, it is obtainable via loot chest in Battle Towers.

Melee Damage Tables

Vanilla Materials

Numbers represent points of damage done on an unarmored target. Note that 1 point equals half a heart of damage.

Sword Glaive/Scythe* Giant Sword Big Sword
Wood 5 3 6 -
Stone 6 4 7 -
Iron 7 5 8 6
Gold 5 3 6 -
Diamond 8 5 9 7
Quartz 5 - 8 -
  • Using the right-click-charge Reap attack does exactly double the base damage.

Natura Woods

All values describe swords.

Material Damage
Ghostwood 4
Darkwood 5
Fusewood 5
Bloodwood 8

Falling Meteors

All values describe swords, and include the default right-click enchantment.

Material Damage
Meteorite 8

6, plus slow

Kreknorite 8, plus fire 8 damage (16 Total)

Harken Scythe Materials

Sword Glaive/Scythe Giant Sword
Livingmetal 6 4 7


Asgard Shield Giant Swords (Addons Not Included)

Giant Sword Damage
Skull Giant Sword 7
Ender Giant Sword 9

Twilight Forest

All values refer to swords and include the default right-click enchantments.

Material Damage
Ironwood 6
Steeleaf 7

Fiery Sword

8, plus 3 fire damage

  • Also a Minotaur Axe, which is obtained from killing the Minoshroom. Deals 7 raw damage, but 14 if you charge.

Better Dungeons


Element Damage
Water 4
Poison 2, plus 1 poison/s for 14s
Ice 4, plus slow
Fire 2, plus 2 fire damage
Darkness 4
Electric 3
Wind 4
Healing -2 (heals for 2 health/1 heart)

Uncraftable Weapons

Weapon Damage
Ninja Dagger


Fire Spear 6
Monking Bigsword 6
Walker Sword


  • There is also a Minotaur's Axe, which does 7 damage normally, but 14 while charging.
  • One should also note that the rift blade does 7 damage. However, it can instantly teleport mobs into limbo, effectively killing them instantly. However, the mob's drops and experience can't be obtained this way.

Tinkers' Construct

All values refer to swords purely of one material. Click here for a more comprehensive look at the benefits and drawbacks of combining tinker materials.

Note that, though its damage is significantly less, a rapier may be capable of inflicting more damage on a heavily armored or shielded target. Rapiers ignore armor, protection enchantments, and blocking.

Material Broadsword/Longsword Rapier/Dagger/Battlesign Frying Pan*
Paper 4 1 2
Wood 4 1 2
Stone 5 2 3
Iron 6 3 4
Copper 6 3 4
Flint 6 3 4
Cactus 6 3 4
Bone 5 2 3
Netherrack 5 2 3
Slime (both colors) 4 1 2
Obsidian 6 3 4
Cobalt 7 4 5
Ardite 7 4 5
Bronze 6 3 4
Steel 7 4 5
Alumite 7 4 5
Manyullyn 8 4 6
  • Also includes slow effect.

Ranged Damage Tables


Bow Damage at full draw
Bow 8
Long Bow 9
Ghostwood Bow 9
Darkwood Bow 7
Fusewood Bow 9
Bloodwood Bow 9
Blazing Bow 8, plus fire damage
Frost Bow 11, plus slow
Ender Bow 0, up to 12 from teleporting arrows
Reinforced Bow 13
Iron Bow 9
Golden Bow 10
Legia Bow 12, two arrows
Crystal Bow 14
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