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This item was removed in Hexxit 2.0.1c due to the removal of the LegendGear mod.

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Whirlwind Boots is an item added by LegendGear. Whirlwind Boots give the player 3 special abilities: reduced fall damage, super sprint speed, and the ability to sprint on water. Unlike Cloud Boots, which do not take damage from special ability use, the whirlwind boots do take damage from ability use meaning the durability is severely reduced.


Whirlwind Boots are made using a charged wind medallion in the center slot, goldIngots in the top left and top right slots, with wool underneath the Gold Ingots. The Wind Medallion must be fully charged, anything less than fully charged will not allow the item to be crafted.

Crafting GUI.png

Gold Ingot


Wind Medallion

Gold Ingot


Whirlwind Boots


  • Using Enchanting Plus to enchant Whirlwind Boots will not have any effect, even though it permits the item to be enchanted. Even if enchanted in this way, Enchanting Plus doesn't permit them to be repaired.

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