White Chocobo
2013-11-19 22.28.19
Health 25 (Heartx12.5)
Damage 0
Armor 0
Aggression No
Breedable? Yes
Tameable? Yes
Added By Chococraft
Spawn Egg Spawn White Chocobo
Chococraft - White Chocobo - Riding

Riding a White Chocobo in a Glacier biome.

The White Chocobo is a breedable mob added by Chococraft. It is the third-generation of the Chocobo mutation chain. A White Chocobo can glide, climb, swim, and is slightly faster then the Green and Blue Chocobos. The White Chocobo can be bred with the Black Chocobo to get the Gold Chocobo. It is mandatory to use Golden Gysahl in this process. A white Chocobo is somewhat rare to find.