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Health 300 (Heartx150)
Damage (Easy) 5 (HeartHeartHeart Half)
Damage (Normal) 8 (HeartHeartHeartHeart)
Damage (Hard) 12 (Heartx6)
Damage Info Causes the wither effect if hit by projectile on Normal or Hard. Deals damage upon full health and each projectile.
Armor 4 (ArmorArmor)
Aggression Hostile
Spawns Summoned by player
Drops Nether Star 1 Nether Star
Added By Vanilla
Visit the Minecraft Wiki for basic information about Wither

Wither is a boss mob added by vanilla Minecraft.

Strategies Edit

Electric Staff Edit

An easy way to kill the wither is to use an electric staff, with Unbreaking III and a highly enchanted sword like a Sharpness V Diamond Giant Sword and a Bow and some Arrows. Using the electric staff to repeatedly fly and attack. If the staff breaks, fall-back to the bow.

Legia Bow Edit

Using a Legia Bow with Power V and a Sharpness V Diamond Giant Sword is generally a good combination.

Bedrock Edit

Using the ceiling Bedrock found in the Nether, it is possible to create a scenario where the Wither cannot fly far away from but still be within melee range the entire time. Using this and a quartz modified Manyullyn based Cleaver from Tinkers' Construct can take the Wither down in 8-12 hits.

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