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Biomes Plains
Type Dungeons
Size Unknown
Added By Better Dungeons

The Wizardscape is a structure generated by the Better Dungeons mod.  It is small compared to most of the other castles but it has a sizeable dungeon underground, which resembles a sewer. This is a maze with occasional chests. Because of its size, it is not as difficult to clear of mobs and light up as other, larger castles.

The castle is guarded by armored skeletons and a Necromancer Boss waits within. Bedrock walls make it difficult to enter. Once the spawners and mobs are cleared out, this castle makes a valuable base.

Zombie and Skeleton spawners can be found inside, concealed below Moss Stone.


Entry can be achieved through a trapdoor outside the walls, and if one found his way out of the maze, he will find himself in the central fountain. 

A chest full of the most valuable loot is located in the top of the chimney in the large tower. Activating the lever will ignite TNT and cause the loot to fall down the chimney.