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Wolf head

Wolf is a mob added by vanilla Minecraft.

Wolves often spawn in taiga or tundra biomes in small packs of three and four. They will kill other passive mobs and attack enemies in teams if provoked. Wolves can be tamed by right clicking on them with a bone, and can be healed by right clicking them with raw meats. Tamed wolves will have collars and will follow their masters around, teleporting to their side.

Tamed wolves will attack any mob you attack or are attacked by including players. Only creepers are ignored by wolves when you attack them.if you have two pet wolves that are fully grown you can make them mate by feeding them meat and get a puppy which will quicky grow into an adult but is just as deadly. These creatures do the equivalent damage of an iron sword. A large pack of 15 can take down just about anything in little time.

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