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Zombie is a hostile mob added by Vanilla Minecraft. It appears as a green skinned undead man wearing clothes similar to Steve. It is a standard undead mob that uses basic melee attacks and moves fairly slowly. Zombies tend to spawn in small groups of 2-4 and are commonly encountered in the Twilight Forest and the Overworld. Slightly stronger zombies can also be encountered in some castles added by Better Dungeons, but with armor, swords and other weapons. Basic zombies are often only overwhelming in high numbers when the player has low-level armor. Zombies can randomly equip armor pieces and weapons including items added by Hexxit and will drop them after being slain or obtaining better gear. Zombies will attempt to destroy doors if a player or a Villager is behind them, succeeding if difficulty is set to Hard. When attacked, zombies will attract other nearby zombies to help in the fight. They hunt Villagers and higher numbers of zombies can siege villages as a result.


A zombie can drop Rotten Flesh, Zombie Heads (if the weapon used has the Beheading Enchantment, these chances increase), Carrots, and Potatoes. A zombie also has the chance to drop any armor it may spawn with upon death. Lke any other mob, it can drop a Chocopedia.

A horde of zombies.

A single zombie.